Until a few years ago, the main activity of the Leeman Group, situated at the A59, was the sale of used cars, trucks and parts. Next to that, some used (semi-)trailers were offered. Because of the increasing demand for used (semi-)trailers, the grounds have been extended with a large area in 2006.

Ever since then, you can already see the used (semi-)trailers from as far as the A59 at the Industrail estate 'de Brieltjenspolder' in Made.

The stock consists of a large number of (semi-)trailers; trailers varying from 1-ax open semi-trailers to 3-ax closed trailers. The possibilities in bodies are very extensive as well, thus there can be chosen for a covered- semi-trailer or a closed trailer, a tank or chilly / freeze combination, but also container-bodies belong to the possibilities.
In short you have choice in abundance at the Leeman Group.

Both for cars and trucks as well as for parts we offer the possibility to have these loaded into cars, trucks, trailers or containers (depending on the goods). We can transport these goods to harbours like Antwerp, Rotterdam or other locations as well.

We welcome you to have a look at our stock online or to contact one of our staff members.