The Leeman Group has two locations, one for the buying and selling of cars and one for trucks and trailers. This is the result of our efforts to serve our customers in the best possible way and at the same time achieve a high level of specialisation.

Our diverse clientele has resulted in an average stock of approxitemately 100 cars. This is a selection of almost all German, French and Japanese brands. Cars with (minor) damage or cars just for parts are being offered as well.

Beside complete cars, there are parts, such as engines, front- and rear axles, doors, headlights, rear lights, tyres and numerous other parts, available from a large number of types of cars as well.

The Leeman Group offers cars just for parts as well. On demand the part(s) needed can be taken of or the complete car can be disassembled.

Both for cars and trucks as well as for parts we offer the possibility to have these loaded into cars, trucks, trailers or containers (depending on the goods). We can transport these goods to harbours like Antwerp, Rotterdam or other locations as well.

We welcome you to have a look at our stock online or to contact one of our staff members.